Introducing TESCOM’s technology reaching out to the world
TESCOM Test Solutions

TESCOM’s innovative measurement equipment are core solutions that can satisfy the demands of companies trying to create the best products in the most effective way in today’s rapidly developing mobile communication technology environment.

Currently, various technologies such as LTE, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and NFC are being utilized in mobile communication devices. Such technologies are developing very rapidly and spurring radical changes. Many new technologies are being integrated into smart devices such as smart phones and tablet PC; measuring technologies of the development and manufacturing sectors are becoming more and more complex, requiring massive costs and time.

Leading IT companies are currently under pressure to deal with huge changes -- such as new technologies, faster performance, and complex measurement -- to enhance the quality of products; the core elements of solutions are accuracy, efficiency, fast productivity, and low costs. Manufacturing high-quality products with maximum productivity, minimal costs, and highest speed has tremendous impact on corporate profitability.

Total Test Solutions

When selecting solutions for mobile communication device measurement, companies face numerous concerns. The measuring procedure and methods have to be planned in accordance with the product characteristics and measurement criteria; each equipment constituting the measurement system has to be introduced and to go through the overall integration and optimization processes. Creating the best solutions under various conditions -- such as functions and types of mobile communication devices, purpose and resources of measurement, investment costs, quality standards, and productivity -- is very cumbersome and complicated. Solution managers should consult with experts from many different companies to understand the characteristics of equipment and deal with many issues such as compatibility among equipment, connections, operation control, and measurement results analysis.

TESCOM offers all components of measurement solutions such as measuring equipment, shield box for shielding environment, RF coupler for DUT connection, fixtures, various RF accessories, and automation programs. Based on diverse and accumulated experiences, TESCOM also suggests optimal solutions by considering system efficiency and productivity and saving costs and time from its holistic point of view.

Through the Total Test Solution proposed by TESCOM from its overall measurement system standpoint instead of an individual measuring instrument, its customers can deal with complex and difficult measurement system planning and configuration simultaneously.