TESCOM prepares innovation that changes life and cultures by creating new technologies and values.
Mission of TESCOM

To qualitatively advance the wireless communication business by providing domestic and international markets with innovative yet properly-priced measuring equipment, technology, and services.

TESCOM’s pursuit of value

We trust and respect each individual and are devoted to accomplishing great work that produces positive results.
We earn each customer’s trust every day.
We achieve our common objectives through teamwork.
We encourage our personnel to demonstrate flexibility and creativity.

TESCOM is a corporation
  • that is recognized globally for its quality and creativity.
  • that employs interesting and energetic people.
  • that is adventurous and seeks new paths to success.
  • with proud employees.
  • where people are cooperative, amused, interested in each other, and full of laughter--but without workplace politics.
  • where everyone takes the initiative, accepts responsibility for actions, answers the phone immediately, completes paperwork accurately and on time, and remembers the little things that make a good company great.
  • with respectful customers who excite us, motivate us to do our best, and are pleasant to work for.
  • that generates and reinvests financial and emotional profits to achieve an even brighter future.
  • committed to growth through customer satisfaction founded on the highest quality products and services.
TESCOM Business
Business area
  • Profit : Sources to make company grow and achieve its goal.
  • Customers : We retain good relations with customers by respecting them and delivering only products with the highest quality and value.
  • Business area : We make a fair profit by devoting ourselves to advancing our industry’s technology and generating customer value.
  • Growth : We pursue growth by creating products that satisfy our customers.
  • Employees : We share our success with employees because through their individual efforts, we all benefit. TESCOM is a safe, pleasant work environment where each member’s efforts are recognized and respected, so there is a sense of achievement and high standard of job satisfaction.
  • Management : We empower employees to achieve definite goals by taking the initiative and using their creativity.
  • Citizenship : We are a responsible company and make economic, intellectual, and social contributions that benefit the global community.