TESCOM is looking for passionate self-starters who relish taking on and overcoming challenges.
R&D sector
Classification Qualifications and work
experience required
Work details
H/W New recruits Electronics, Radio Waves, Communication, or Computer Science major RF pattern generation.
Digital H/W designing.
Analog pattern generation.
Experienced,applicants RF pattern design.
Digital H/W pattern design.
Analog pattern design.
AMP, PLL, transceiver, passive pattern generation.
DSP, FPGA, general CPU, wire
communication pattern generation.
DC power, sensor, AD/DA pattern
System S/W New recruits Data Processing, Electricity and Electronics, or Computer Science major.
C, C++ language user.
* Experience developing embedded system or similar system preferred.
Embedded OS development and maintenance.
UI for embedded system development and maintenance.
Experienced applicants With experience developing embedded system.
* Experience developing over ARM9 chip preferred
Application S/W New recruits Data Processing, Electricity and Electronics, or Computer Science major.
C, C++ language user.
Experience developing applications based on Windows.
Production remote program development and maintenance.
Experienced applicants Experience using measuring equipment.
Experience developing applications using MFC.
* Experience developing communication protocol-related program preferred.
F/W New recruits Electricity/Electronics/Control/Information and Communication Engineering major.
Understanding of wireless communication concept.
*Experience programming Cl language or FPGA preferred.
*Experience developing ARM firmware preferred.
Verilog-HDL FPGA programming.
DSP/ARM programming.
Experienced applicants Experience designing FPGA using Verilog-HDL.
Experience developing DSP/ARM firmware.
*Experience designing digital H/W preferred.
*Experience developing wireless communication system preferred.
DSP/ARM/FPGA programming.
Baseband pattern generation.
Wireless communication system designing.

00 persons

Recruitment Procedure
  • 1) Document submission: Resume, letter of self-introduction, transcripts (for new recruits)
  • 2) First round: Document screening
  • 3) Second round: Interview
  • 4) Announcement of selections: Via email (A medical report, diploma, and copies of certificates will be requested)
  • Applicants should be without restrictions for overseas travel
  • Preference given to applicants with English or Chinese proficiency
  • Contact for document submission or inquiry:
Benefits package

Employee insurance/ child’s tuition expenses/ educational expenses/ expenses for family events/ loans/ fitness expenses/ club activities/ incentive for savings/ book café / table tennis room